What is ‘Squaring the Circle’

Squaring the Circle (“STC Global”) is a Legal, Regulatory and Consultancy company set up this year which advocates a new type and style of consultancy.

It aims to fill the gap between law firms and  traditional consultancy firms by providing focused resources for institutions/companies that require a Partner level legal and/or regulatory resource but in-house to
(a) address a specific issue such as assisting in overseas expansion,  preparing for/resolving a VREQ or a S166 visit/report or managing an investigation – internal or regulatory,
(b) create or refocus the existing legal/compliance team and/or
(c)  implement and embed specific policies/procedures including Ethics, AML/KYC and/or Bribery and Corruption.

Firstly, we focus on delivering, and implementing, advice that is Relevant to you as compared to just delivering standard/pro-forma advice or implementation.

Secondly, our advice will, unlike a number of other consultants, not be us re-packaging what you have told us. It will be advice that we believe is Realistic for you even if we think it may be unpalatable to you when you first receive it.

Thirdly, our advice will be Reliable as we will stand side-by-side with you when you present it AND when you are required to implement it. We will not walk away prior to implementation as we believe if we give you advice we need to help you with its implementation.

Finally, it will always be delivered quickly and on time – Rapid. For this reason we are selective in who we take on – and for what. We are selective in choosing our clients (and how many clients we have) in exactly the same way as you are selective when you choose consultants to work with.

The reason and background to this new and innovative approach is the experience that Dominic Bacon, the founder and Managing Director, has obtained when instructing consultants and law firms, both large and small.

Dominic has, for the last 20 years been a General Counsel and Head of Compliance with a number of UK, US and global financial institutions as well as more recently, start ups and non-financial companies and individuals, especially in the contemporary art market. He therefore has first hand experience of how much is still left, at the end of the consultancy, to the individual doing the instructing. STC Global has therefore been set up with the objective of working hand-in-hand with the individual who has done the instructing so that they can feel comfortable that STC Global will deliver

  1. Advice that is specifically focused on your needs and requirements – Relevant
  2. Advice that is expressed in a way that the individual and the business can understand, that is capable of being implemented and can implemented in a straightforward way – Realistic
  3. Advice that we will assists you in explaining and implementing – Reliable
  4. Advice that is delivered quickly and on time – Rapid

For this reason, you can be sure that if you instruct Squaring the Circle you will be given advice and a service that you can be confident is at the cutting edge of the technical and practical and that will allow you to focus on the risks that would, otherwise, keep you awake at night.

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