Squaring the Circle has a number of clients including:

  • A start-up stockbroker that is looking to disrupt the current traditional paper-based market
  • A financial institution that was under a VREQ but which subsequently came out of it
  • A financial institution that was put up for sale by its shareholder
  • An overseas financial institution looking to set up a credit card business in Europe
  • A well-recognised lifestyle company that is preparing for a listing
  • A financial institution that offers spreadbets/CFDs and is looking at overseas expansion
  • An IT company that provides a proprietary CRM/API Trading Platform to on-line brokers and now requires an in-house legal/compliance resource
  • A US exchange that is reviewing its approach to Market Data and how best to maximise its revenues
  • An on-line gaming company that is looking to attract new investment and so wants to improve its governance structure
  • A cryptocurrency platform looking to be regulated
  • An IT company that wishes to protect its in-house intellectual property
  • An international art gallery
  • A well-known artist looking to grow their business and manage their studio

We are available on the phone, via email or in person at times that suit you, and whether you are based in the UK, the EU, Asia, Middle East, Africa or the Americas.

We also provide advice and recommendations on specific issues (be it a customer complaint, a regulatory request or an ARROW visit) or with regard to general questions (be that drafting polices. creating training or taking control of a problem).

We have a strong ethical culture, and will always give you our advice and recommendations with honesty, integrity, technical excellence and professionalism.  For this reason our consultants speak at, and chair, a range of conferences in the UK, Europe and the Middle East on these topics.

As an integral part of our service to clients, we undertake a significant amount of technical research. We also track all important regulatory developments and discussions, whether at domestic, EU or global level. This research is made available to our clients on an immediate basis. 

We are also available to review the impact of discussed/proposed regulatory reform and FCA/ESMA/EU consultation & discussion papers relating to you and your business. If requested we will provide feedback to the relevant regulator on a named/anonomous basis.