Squaring the Circle has a number of clients including:

  • A start-up stockbroker that is looking to disrupt the current traditional paper-based market
  • A financial institution that was under a VREQ but which subsequently came out of it
  • A financial institution that was put up for sale by its shareholder
  • An overseas financial institution looking to set up a credit card business in Europe
  • A well-recognised lifestyle company that is preparing for a listing
  • A financial institution that offers spreadbets/CFDs and is looking at overseas expansion
  • An IT company that provides a proprietary CRM/API Trading Platform to on-line brokers and now requires an in-house legal/compliance resource
  • A US exchange that is reviewing its approach to Market Data and how best to maximise its revenues
  • An on-line gaming company that is looking to attract new investment and so wants to improve its governance structure
  • A cryptocurrency platform looking to be regulated
  • An IT company that wishes to protect its in-house intellectual property
  • An international art gallery
  • A well-known artist looking to grow their business and manage their studio